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Andrew Carnegie: The Secret of Success in Business

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 21 03 2022
Many of us wonder how to succeed in Business because the risk of failure is enormous. As you can see the statistics on Business Failures, most startups fail and over 15 years only 20% to 25% of startups survive. Andrew Carnegie shared his view on this matter a long time ago. In this article I summarize what he said. 

He said it is a simple matter of honest work, ability and concentration. Everybody know what is an honest work. How about ability? It is the rendering of services with high quality and reasonable cost, it is the essential services to the needs and wants of the community. A person in business always gives value in return for his revenue, and thus performs a useful function. His services are necessary and benefit the community, he labors steadily in developing the resources of the country and contribute to the advancement of human race. The business people must learn the trade and work better than the average in his field of business. 

About concentration, he said that one must concentrate on his business and let other businesses alone. He said that he had never known any men that know thoroughly two different businesses, that is the reason a wise business person put all the eggs in one basket and watch it carefully. 

The difference between a failed business person with the successful one is his quality of judgment. The successul person trained himself well and carefully, he knows how far he could jump and he has 'dead sure' in himself that he knew he could do it successfully, even must try again and again. 

Mr Andrew Carnegie also said there are plenty of room at the top in any field of business and all kind of business can be made successful.  

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