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Choosing career

Viết bởi: Lê Quốc Chơn, 17 12 2020

Choosing career is not easy and time-consuming. It demands constant thinking and searching. It also requires self-awareness to ensure that the profession and the self is perfectly fit. The difficulty does not stop there; young people want a profession that is financial rewarding and personal satisfactory simultaneously. It means somewhat a market-driven profession.

Choosing an In-Demand Career - Advance your Career | UW-Madison

Therefore, young people must be careful and choose slowly. More exposure to information and experience is essential, helping the self to know its feeling. Besides, required ability to thrive in different professions is various, some is more demanding than the others. One must take into account this difference in considering a profession. 

Vincent van Gogh said that profession is not to earn money, but to do what we are born to do on Earth. This opinion contains as much wisdom as its impractical side. Nowadays, we need money for every transaction, to meet from basic to higher needs, to lead a decent live. Money brings a lot of opportunities, to build human capital and to have time focusing on doing great works, to take on new ventures. However, if you value a profession more than financial rewards, follow your heart no matter what the price. Steve Job once said when he was young working in a team at Apple, most of his team members did not work for money, they love what they are doing. Nevertheless, he also said those members all have good house and income to support their family. Likewise, the billionaire Michael Bloomberg said all successful people that he met love what they had been doing.

Doing what we love is great, no doubt about that. But who pay for what we're doing if our work is not worth in others' eyes. We all need support in life, and the fact is great artists in the past needed patrons. This leads us to a question: how to choose a sustainable profession? So that we can do what we love for a whole life.


Youngsters should build their owns criteria before selecting a profession: to satisfy the self, to earn enough money to live a decent live, to lead a meaningful live on Earth, and you are good enough to do well what you choose. This balance may guarantee a long-term commitment to the chosen profession. Otherwise, the possibility of giving up is high. And so is the cost of giving up.

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