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Educational Consultant Services for School in Da Nang, Viet Nam

Viết bởi: Eduway Team, 10 03 2019

Eduway Co., Ltd.

Education Consulting Company

www.eduway.vn & Hotline 0931 383 074

Dear Teachers and Principals,

We understand well the crucial role of learning on the well-being of human. That role is the raison d’être of Schools and Teachers. We share with you the belief that Learn better, Live better. And we strongly believe that Holistic Education can help the students to be the most that they can be and a partnership is necessary to educate the whole child.

We, as a result, would like to bring supplementary services to your schools to render the learning experiences of students more enriched, effective and comfortable:

  • We organize short Educational Trips and Campings for students to cultivate teamwork, sympathy and observation ability.
  • We design Simple, Safe, Effective and Interesting Science Experiments fascinate students about natural phenomena.
  • We coach students to develop self-study skills that foster entrepreneurship, creativity, perseverance, courage and confidence.
  • We coach your students to prepare well for studying abroad.
  • We share the passion in Learning and Teaching Sciences with your school through Seminar, Discussion and Talk.  

We would like very much to discuss with you more about these services as we are here to serve your students. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Le Quoc Chon, Ph.D.

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