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Good Education cherishes human life

Viết bởi: Lê Quốc Chơn, 02 06 2020

Human life is precious. Yet, it is stunningly short. Then, what can we do about this shortness?

Scientists have been trying to understand ageing and to extend human life expectancy. Despite of humble successes, the majority of us dies before reaching 100 years old. It is sad, but factual.

Another way we can do is to make this short life meaningful and help every single human being live a life to the fullness of their potential.

This task is extremely challenging. As much as you can see, most of us has been failing. We are not happy and waste our lifetime. Why?

One part because we have not taken life seriously. We spend waking life in extravagantly activities which do not create significant impact and meaning. We waste life tremendously. But It is hardly to be noticed and we keep up with the wasting.

Another part is because most of us do not have goals in life, something absorbs our attention, effort, and energy second by second.

Lack of life goal, we are prone to distractions and entertaining activities which disperse our energy and focus. Our life become fragmental and slippery.

Of many who are lucky to find goal, they are unable to realize it because of delusion. Goal may be big or small, but they all demand commitment. One must devote time, effort and work diligently to achieve goal. Unfortunately, many lack competences, resources and guidance before embarking on the journey. Failure is unavoidable.

This is where education can help. Education equips essential knowledge and skills, clarifying abilities and capabilities of each student, helping them to choose a suitable goal, not too big, not too small. That means the goal must be realistic or achievable. Since it is widely accepted that small success build confidence and courage, which is the seed to tackle big challenges. A person without adequate confidence and know-how is prone to failure, leading to disbelief in oneself and unhappiness.

Good Education can help in many ways. Good Education cherishes human life. That is the mission of Good Education for ever.

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