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Good teaching is possible but time-consuming

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 16 08 2022
I have been teaching over 7 years and I believe that teaching is to develop talent, to help students recognize and realize their full potential in life. There are general knowledge to teach and there are domain-specific knowledge too. Students must learn both to be successful professionally and in life in general. 

To be a good teacher is hard, as hard as any other profession. But salary in teaching profession is not on bar with other professions as engineer, doctor or lawyer, even management consultant. So, how a teacher can devote all his lifetime energy into the teaching profession? 

Teaching is really time-consuming. Teacher must prepare the lesson carefull at home or in office before coming to the classroom. The time in classroom is 1, the preparation time is 3+, let alone the time to assess students performance through tests and exams. 

Good teaching is possible, most teacher can become great teachers but as far as I see only those who consider teaching as a vocation, they work not because of paycheck and status, can achieve their goals. It is loving the details, the processes, the activities of learning, teaching, reading, analyzing etc that make a good teacher great. 

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