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How to remember a word in English language?

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 23 11 2022

When you learn English language, there are always many words and phrases to remember. The question is how to remember a word or phrase?

First, you need to learn its meaning and its spelling: the common and easy one.

Next, check yourself if you still remember the meaning and the spelling of the word. To do this, you should spell it mentally to see the word in your mind and read the word out loud. You also should write them down on your notebook, on computer or any electronic devices.

Finally, you must learn to use the word in speaking and writing. You put that word into a sentence, whether when you speak or write.

At this stage, you can tell yourself that you know the word enough to use it in communication. However, the advance level of knowing a word demands that you know how to use that word in context, in group of words (collocation). We in fact try to imitate the native speakers how to use the word.

There are so many ways to use a word and over time you will meet them, and if you care, pay attention and take notes or emulate the ways others use it.

It takes time and effort to learn well even one word. The Master of English Language know so many words and how to use them masterfully. And they can fabricate new words based on what available and use new words to express their ideas and thought. And there are more words for us to learn. Thank The Master.

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