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IELTS essay - Should children listen to their parents advice

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon and Long FPT, 28 06 2022

I don’t completely agree with this statement. Children should follow their parents’ advice because parents have many experiences in life so their advice is usually good. However, sometimes parents don’t understand their kids and their experiences in the past are different from their kids so the advice which they offer could be unsuitable.


Children should follow their parents’ advice because the advice is good. Our parents love us and always try to offer their best advice from their insight and experience in life. For example, my dad used to give me advice that sounds weird but it is useful to me. Before my first day in primary school, he told me that if any kids in the school bullies you, I should fight back with all my strength for this kind of fight will help me to become a confident and brave person in the future. He also added that I however mustn’t be a bully after that. That what actually happened to me. One kid in grade 3 bullied me in the first week of my school life, I fought back feroriously and he backed off, never bullying me again. I really felt more confident in that strange environment, and miraculously after primary school, I stopped fighting and became a nice person to everyone. Thanks to my dad’s good advice.

However, some advice from parents is not suitable for their children for many reasons. The most likely reason is their different childhood. In the past, there was no internet, no social media, not much money and the condition of most families at that time was poorer than nowadays. So, parents may not entertain in the way kids do today. Kids today are not hanging out as often as kids in the past, they prefer playing with toys, the internet and travelling so their thinking is completely different from what parent experienced in their childhood. This is why parents tend to give very conventional advice which is unsuitable to their kids, making their kids uncomfortably. Kids would think their parents are old-fashioned. If parents want to give better advice, they should know more about their children’s environment, or they should grant their children freedom to make their own decisions.

That said, children should listen to their parents in most cases when the parents have deep insight and experience. However, parents sometimes give unsuitable advice because of the difference between their childhood and their kids. For this reason, even though parents love their kids unconditionally, they should be careful when they want to advise their kids. Old tool may not be the best tool.

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