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IELTS versus PTE: a short comparison.

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 17 03 2022
It is very hard to say if IETLS is more difficult or easier than PTE. In my opinion they are equivalent to one another. In IELTS speaking, candidates speak directly to examiners whereas in PTE they speak to a microphone and recorded. Writing IETLS is on paper, that of PTE is on computer.

IETLS however is more popular globally. With IELTS score 7.5+, you can meet most English proficiency requirement to enter any academic programs on earth. I do not want to underrate PTE, but surely it is less known and maybe because PTE is quite new. 

In terms of material for preparation, that for IELTS is ubiquitous. Regarding the format, most of the points under examination is similar as you can see in the figure below. 

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