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Learning takes long time

Viết bởi: Lê Quốc Chơn, 09 06 2020

Studies of Dr. Anders Ericsson have proven that learning to reach expert level takes many years. Top performers in different fields must train themselves intensively and deliberately for roughly ten years or more. They learn with various teachers at different stages of their development. At the beginning, they learn with local teachers who give them time and praise. Later, they are coached by advanced-teachers who accelerate their learning process, identifying their weak aspects, giving painful and useful feedback. The coach challenges and drive the learners to the next level.

Motivated learners can also self-coach. They consciously practice to improve their performance. They learn to recognize their weaknesses so that they concentrate on those weaknesses and stretch themselves.   

Likewise, learning in school takes time. There are many subjects that students must learn and master. It is getting harder and harder since the body of knowledge in each field is becoming bigger. The world is more competitive than ever. Number of seats in great colleges or universities is limited and great jobs are scarce. Students must study hard for a long time to reach their goals.

Learning changes the neural network of brain. Information and knowledge must be transferred from short-term memory to long-term memory so the brain can process. Learning  involves protein synthesis and making new connection of the neurons and these processes take time naturally.

Learning demands huge effort. Without motivation and discipline, it is impossible to attain excellent academic performance. Parents and teachers must try to motivate students. Unless students study consciously, learning does not happen effectively.

Learning process can be accelerated moderately, though and learning happens best at the zone where the know and unknown overlaps.

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