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Learning well is the discipline of study hard

Viết bởi: Lê Quốc Chơn, 29 12 2020

We all know that study hard is a critical factor ensuring academic success. In other words, study need a lot of time, from 30 to 50 hours per week including classroom time and self-study time. Typically, one hour in class needs 1 to 2 hours of self-study. The students at Ivy Leagues, for example, learn consistently more than 40 hours per week. This is the quantitative aspect of learning.

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Another aspect of study hard is the involvement of mental effort in learning. Students must think when they learn, we call this active learning, otherwise nothing will be assimilated and processed. Lazy students are those lazy to think, they do not want to think. Why? Because thinking is hard and tiring, it demands great amount of energy and focus. Thinking is the most trusted proof of active learning.  

Another aspect of study hard is quality. It means study correctly and effectively in an optimal way, which demands total focus of the mind with appropriate methods. This is where discipline plays its role. Nowadays, students exceedingly expose to a myriad of leisure activities, most importantly are video games, social media and internet due to easy access to smartphone, tablet, computer and TV. These devices serve well if we know how to use them. Unfortunately, for young people as teenagers, most of the time these devices consume time than helping learning. We can name them a collection of waste-of -time devices. Therefore, students need discipline to stay focus on learning, doing homework and assignment, to stay away from distraction.

The situation is getting worse because parents are busier than ever. Since parents work all time to develop their career, sometime just to keep their heads above water. Many of them are unable to afford time to help their children with schoolwork. They let the children enjoy electronic devices as much as these children like to the extent that this leisure activity erodes learning performance. Time flips by and it is extremely difficulty to remedy if children lack behind for a long period of time. These children will feel boring at school because they do not understand and unable to keep up with the learning rhythm at school. They are more likely to drop out eventually.

Students need discipline of learning hard, stay focused and limited screening time. Parents should help children stay away from the waste-of-time devices.

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