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Opinion essay: why is fashion important to people?

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon and Kevin SIS, 28 05 2022

I think we all love ourselves and want to look good in the eyes of others. In this aspect, fashion is important to us. It shows who we are and helps us to make connection with others.

Clothes as fashion tell the world who we are including our status and personality. When we’re successful and occupy high status in society, we tend to wear clothes that reflect those. For instance, my dad, a successful businessman, always wear professional clothes made by well-known brands whenever he goes out for business conferences. In informal situations, he wears casual clothes but they’are also well made and expensive. He told my sister and I that we should wear clothes to show that we’re successful and confident. “People may judge you by your appearance,” he said.

Besides showing who you are, fashion can help us connect with other people easier. As I said above, fashion mirrors ourselves, our personality. For a group or country, fashion is their tradition, their heritage. When we respect their fashion, we can integrate or make friends with them easier. For example, recently the Prime Minister of Canada Mr Trudeau visited India, and he intentionally worn Indian traditional clothes. He wanted to show his respect for India and its culture. In return, indian people treated him warmly and respecfully. Fashion really helps him connect with people.

Fashion is important to people for many reasons, but I believe those two disscussed above are the most important. It shows who we are and help us connect with others.   

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