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Practise Strategically to improve skill and knowledge

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 06 12 2022

Sometime in life we meet people who work in the same job over a decade and their skills do not improve much, reflecting in their salary and position at the company/corporation. Why?

People they do the same thing, over and over again without expanding their knowledge and skills (let call them know-how). We can say they just repeat almost exactly what they have been doing in the previous years. This is sad, but true.

How to change it?

Let’s say we have a novice at the entry-level job and the true expert in the sensior position. In between we find those same-skill-over-year people. The difference between the novice and the expert is (1) the level of complexity in thinking and executing the project/task and (2) the minute details in every thing related to the tasks. The experts do well both at two level.

To improve the know-how, we must learn to do more challenging works/tasks, whether it is the complexity or the detail of the work to reach perfection. Only those who strive to reach the highest level in accomplishing the tasks/works/projects get better over time with their how-how.

We have been bombarded with the ideas of 10 000 hours of practice, yet it is true that one must practise intensively, deliberately with attention over many years to master the art of the trade. And the practice must be planned carefully that the practicioner’s know-how gets better over time – Practise Strategically.

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