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What does Sam Zell advise his kids and grandkids?

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 30 06 2021
After reading his book: Am I being too subtle? I found this passage at the end of the book, so I quote it here for those who are interested.
"I’ve never pushed my kids to work for me. Unlike a
patriarch who created a widget manufacturing company
and wants it to be perpetuated by his son or daughter, I’ve
never had any aspirations of immortality through my
business. This was my dream; I won’t impose it on someone

I tell my kids and grandkids, “Your responsibility is to
maximize the skills you were given. But whatever you
decide to do, invest everything you have in it—excel. What
I’ve done is not the example I wanted to set; it’s the way
I’ve done it that I hope you emulate, through focus, effort,
and commitment."
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