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Ten rules to build a great organization - John C. Bogle

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 15 09 2021

John C. Bogle is the founder of The Vanguard Group Inc. He had written several books before he died at age of 89. The following rules are what he believed helping him and others to build a great organization.

1. Make caring the soul of the organization. Excersise mutual respect practice inside the company at every level, from the highest to the humblest. And offer growth opportunity to all members of the company as a human being and career advancement.

2. Forget about employees. Do not see working people as employees, considering them as crew member, working together and traveling together on a worthwhile and long journey.

3. Set high standards and values, and stick to them. Stick to professionalism with imagination, courage, right judgment, humor and humility. In terms of values, the company must focus on human being, treat clients with integrity and fairness, serve them at the firm’s highest ablity.

4. Talk the talk, repeat the values endlessly. Great organization demands excellent leadership with virtue. Continually convey values through right communication, with purpose, passion and vision.

5. Walk the walk, actions speek louder than words. Practice what you preach. Be trustworthy, hardwork and professional.

6. Don’t overmanage. Because not all important qualities of an organization can be counted, measured and managed, so one must pay attention to the qualities of human existence.

7. Recognize individual achievement. ‘Even one person can make a different’, and do it with genuineness in public. Don’t forget individual is part of a team.

8. Loyalty is a two-way street. All people working in the same oragnization must be loyal to one another. Owner, managers must loyal to people work at different level, and vice versa.

9. Lead and manage for the long-term. Provide good products, services that meet clients’ needs at fair price. Always think long-term when making decision or trade-offs since character is the bedrod of a great organization that lasts.

10. Press on, regardless. No matter the circumtances, keep working forward with persistence and determination for these qualities can solve most human problems.

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