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The people who excel combine gifts and hard work

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 23 03 2022

All parents want their kids to be successful and the definition of success maybe different for each family. But if we care about wealth which is considered as a critical factor in successful life, then the wisdom from the richest man on Earth Jeff Bezos maybe worth listening to. Here is what he said about raising children. He advise his kids to take pride in their choices, not their gifts - somethings we are born with. This is something that's super-important for young people to understand, and for parents to preach to young people. It's really easy for a talented young person to take pride in their gifts: "I'm really athletic," or "I'm really smart," or "I'm really good at math." That's fine. You should celebrate your gifts. You should be happy. But you can't be proud of them; what you can be proud of is your choices:

How did you decide to use your gifts? Did you study hard? Did you work hard? Did you practice? The people who excel combine gifts and hard work, and the hard work part is a choice. You get to decide that. And that is something that when you're looking back on your life, you will be very proud of.

He and his wife also let their children to take reasonable risks for they think taking risk is critical for a successul life as adult. 

Regarding career choice, he advise young people start their career pursuing their passion. 


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