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What make a great salespeople? and Jack Welch’s answer

Viết bởi: Jack Welch, 24 08 2021

They possess good qualities: integrity, intelligence, positive energy, decisiveness, and the ability to execute.

In addition, they also have enormous empathy with customers. Even though they represent the company, selling the products but they feel for the customers and understand the customers. They make sure that the customers get a fair value in the sale.

Great salespeople are trustworthy. Customers trust them, their words and actions. Customers respond to them with kindness.

They have a powerful mixture of drive, courage and self-confidence. They do not take inevitable rejections personally and they keep trying relenlesstly and move on.

Finally, great salespeople always try to find new ways to find customers, matching suitable products with markets in addition to their routine route.

This is a summary from Jack Welch’s answer in his book: Winning - The Answers.

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