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Why Reading Aloud helps writing better?

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon, 16 03 2022
Many writers as William Zinsser, Tracy Kidder and Richard Todd have advised us to read out loud when we want to revise our writing draft. This may link with our feeling for the sound of language and the sound of words in sentence is fundamental and help writer resonates with readers. We know that children first listen to the language before they understand it, then speak it and finally write it. So, listening to the sound of words is essential and is the basic to everyone who learn to use a language. This is the reason why good writers use both eyes and ears to write. 

Reading aloud helps an audience connect with an author. For adults, hearing a story read aloud helps comprehension on a deeper level because it forces you to focus rather than skimming over the words. Listing to a reading of a story can enable an audience to more meaningfully empathize with the writer and connect with the narrative on a deeper level.

Reading aloud is a practical tool for writers. For writers, read-aloud time continues to be important. It’s a habit that helps improve writing skills, as it forces you to be more attentive to your words. If you’re planning to read in front of an audience, practice reading out loud to rehearse your delivery and develop your speaking voice.

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