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Write article on video games versus board games

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon and Long FPT, 26 05 2022

If your parents tell you to stop playing video games and they ask you to play board games instead, you shouldn’t worry too much for we have very good points to defend your position.

First of all, I believe that video games are more interesting than board games for many reasons. For example, the sound is stimulant, the images are colorful and beautiful. They can really excite the players. Video games offer myriad of accessories for players to choose from such as skins, weapons, characters which is very cool. Players can also gain financial rewards by trading stuff with other players for real money. In addition, playing video games is super convenient. Players can play anywhere at anytime because electronic devices are ubiquitous and there are millions of players and games to play with.

Not only interesting, playing video games also helps us learn many things. It helps the players think quickly and accurately because players need to act quickly in the games, otherwise they will lose. The games also improve eye-hand coordination which can be useful for other things in life. Games also improve problem-solving skills for players must figure out the best strategy to win the games. In addition to that usefulness, players can make friends easier because gamers are quite friendly on the internet.

It means playing video games is not as negative as parents think. In fact, people who play video games think and act well in real life, they learn well and succeed. We must however not abuse video games, for playing too much will damage our health and other aspects in life too. Video games are tools, it is up to us to use them well.

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