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Write essay to express your opinion on the definition of success

Viết bởi: Le Quoc Chon and Long FPT, 21 06 2022

Some people have lots of money, but they don’t make it legally. They do bad things and hurt others so I don’t agree completely with this definition of success because success means many things to different people. To me, it includes not only being wealthy, but also being healthy, having meaningful relationships and being useful to society. These are supplementary factors society should consider as criteria for measuring success.

Being healthy is an important criterion to be considered as success because health is a first condition to bring good feeling to people. We cannot feel good about our life even though we own a lot of money. For example, Steve Jobs was a very wealthy man but he had poor health unfortunately. He underwent many painful treatments, but finally he died at quite a young age. In the last days of his life, he felt sorry for his children because he could not support them until they became grow-ups. He may have loved his work very much, and he may have forgotten to take care of his health, but I don’t think his work is more important than his health. Being healthy therefore is essential to be considered as successful. So besides being wealthy, people should have good health to enjoy their achievement, otherwise they will suffer.

Successful people should have meaningful relationships because nowadays it is hard to work alone and become successful. In fact, most successful people need help from others or collaborators. For instance, Elon Musk is very successful and famous globally, but he does not achieve this alone. He worked as a team to build his first company Paypal, and then he built Tesla Motors and SpaceX with other smart people. He also got help from the US government, mostly through NASA. Similarly, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs also achieved success with teamwork and help which may come from different sources. In my family for instance, my dad is a successful person and he has been working with many people and got help from them occassionally. That is the kind of meaningful relationship successful people have. So having meaningful relationships is one of the conditions of being successful.

Successful people are also very useful to others because they create jobs, make people's lives better and bring hope. In fact, many men and women considered themselves successful after helping others. For instance, Sam Walton – the founder of Walmart, said that he had created million jobs for society and saved money for his clients. Likewise, Bill Gates also created hundreds of thousands of jobs and created wonderful softwares for others to use. Or famous inventor Nicolas Tesla who spent his life inventing machines to help us live better. It is the reason why I believe that a person needs to be useful for others to be considered as successful.

In short, being wealthy is not the same as successful. Wealthy may be one of the components of success, which consists of many aspects of life. Other important factors that should be considered as components of success are your health, relationships, and your usefulness to society.

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